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The World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development (WED) serves as a platform to honor engineering and the invaluable contributions of engineers worldwide towards building a more sustainable future for all. Oracle Academy partnered with the University of Nairobi and the Construction & Real Estate Students Association to host an engaging event tailored specifically for engineering and construction students who have been learning the Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Project Management Fundamentals curriculum via their respective universities. Oracle Academy offers this comprehensive course and software at no cost to eligible construction management and civil engineering institutions and departments. The course equips students with essential skills and hands-on experience in project management, covering planning, budgeting, resource allocation, scheduling, and program and risk management using the industry gold standard, Oracle Primavera P6.

Drawing upon the experiences of recent graduates, the event provided a platform for the alumni to showcase how they've transformed their P6 skills into impactful contributions within the engineering and construction fields. From innovative projects during internships to pivotal roles within private and public institutions, their presentations showcased the real-world applications of Primavera in the civil engineering and construction space.

Danny Gooris, Director, Oracle Academy, EMEA, highlighted the benefits of institutional collaboration with Oracle Academy, which offers students opportunities to enhance their skills and gain firsthand exposure to industry best practices through Oracle Academy resources. “A huge congratulations to the University of Nairobi for successfully rolling out the Oracle Primavera Project Management curriculum and the Primavera P6 software to students, and achieving a new milestone of being the first university in Africa to issue Oracle Primavera Cloud for teaching and learning under the Oracle Academy program,” stated Gooris.

David Bunei, Oracle Kenya Country Director and Cloud Systems Sales Director - CEA, shared profound insights on cloud computing offering the next generation of project managers a glimpse into the transformative potential of cloud-based solutions. He emphasized the importance of closing the skills gap and ensuring that graduates are fully equipped with the essential project management skills to excel in the industry.

In line with the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development theme, Eng. Francis Mwangi, Civil Engineer at Konza Technopolis Development Authority, delved into the nexus between engineering and sustainable development, highlighting the critical role of the discipline in fostering environmental stewardship and societal well-being. His insights inspired attendees to leverage engineering as a force for positive change, driving sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Eng. Joel Lavardo captivated the audience with narratives from his professional journey, shedding light on the pivotal role of Oracle Primavera in monumental projects, such as Ashghal transforms Qatar infrastructure using Oracle's Primavera Unifier ( and Konza Technopolis, the first ground-breaking Smart City initiative in East and Central Africa. With a global perspective garnered from managing projects across various African countries and beyond, Eng. Mwangi and Eng. Lavardo’s discussions provided invaluable guidance to students aspiring for international careers, emphasizing strategic positioning, and seizing opportunities within Africa's burgeoning construction and engineering sectors.

Michael Muite, Oracle’s Principal Solution Engineer, delivered a session on professional growth and development which resonated with the students, emphasizing the importance of personal branding in maintaining a competitive edge. Through practical examples, the students gained invaluable insights into investing in their professional identities and leveraging them to unlock new opportunities.

Christopher Kang’ethe empowered attendees with a deeper understanding of the Oracle Smart Construction Platform, equipped with industry-utilized project management tools like Oracle Primavera P6 and Oracle Primavera Cloud. He educated the students, enabling them to grasp the advantages of proficiency in these industry-utilized tools. Through interactive sessions and engaging discussions, Kang’ethe equipped students with the knowledge and skills necessary to help them succeed in the field.

“Our department is committed to producing graduates equipped with the essential skillset for success in the industry. We are grateful for our transformative partnership with Oracle Academy, which has brought substantial improvements and expanded opportunities for our students,” said Arch. Peter Njeru, Chairman, Dept. of Real Estate, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying, Faculty of the Built Environment & Design, University of Nairobi. He was accompanied by Nicky Nzioki, Real Estate Senior Lecturer, University of Nairobi, and the African Real Estate Society (AfRes) East Africa Chapter Chair.

“Through Oracle Academy, students gain practical skills, enhancing their readiness for the construction and real estate industry. In today's competitive project management landscape, the choice of software can significantly impact the success of your project. Since I joined the workforce after graduation, Primavera P6 has stood out when it comes to managing complex projects efficiently,” said Lewis Miringa, Real Estate, Construction Management and Quantity Surveying Graduate, University of Nairobi.

“Thanks to my university's partnership with Oracle Academy, I attended an Oracle Primavera workshop last year and in addition accessed the learning resources under the Oracle Academy Student Hub. Adding the Oracle Academy Project Management course completion certificate to my CV gave me a competitive edge while job hunting. Now, working in data center construction, my P6 skills help integrate subcontractor schedules and monitor progress, costs, and risks onsite. I am grateful to Oracle for introducing us to Primavera P6 while still students at the university. I urge fellow students to seize the opportunity and become proficient in P6, a valued skill in the large-scale construction and engineering industry,” said Joyce Ojamong, Construction Engineering and Management Graduate, University of Nairobi.

As World Engineering Day continues to champion the importance of engineering in creating a better world, Oracle Academy Program Manager Lorna Juma, highlighted that collaborations between academia and industry pave the way for a brighter and more sustainable future. “We thank the University of Nairobi, the Faculty of Built Environment and Design, and the Construction & Real Estate Students Association for collaborating with Oracle Academy to give students a competitive edge as they strive to become career-ready with the valuable project management skills, linked to industry tools such as Oracle Primavera, that employers actively seek.”

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