On April 12th, 2024, a team from the Department of Real Estate Construction Management and Quantity Survey had the opportunity to tour the Global Trade Centre (GTC) Towers. The faculty members, Mr. Nzioki and Mrs. Kariuki, and students Bwana Bill Onyango, Diana Korir, and Esther Kamabe were accompanied by Professor Viruly of the University of Cape Town in preparation for his public lecture that afternoon. The team was met by Agustine Juma, a property manager, and Eunice Mayina, a leasing associate at Avic International, the operators of GTC Office Towers, for a development tour.

GTC stands out as the tallest building in East Africa, with a total of 42 floors and 184 meters in height. Its height towers over the Westlands skyline, which is a testament to the area's growing business destination. The development stands out as the primary preference for headquarters of Fortune Global 500 companies and renowned global corporations. It has adopted a modernist and avant-garde architectural style as its general design concept. Additionally, it has utilized Low-E Coated Glass technology in line with its green building effort, which the department advocates. The building is designed with state-of-the-art facilities and is infused with human-oriented design and powerful tools for enterprises' development, making it stand out as the best.

 The team also met with the management of Avic International Real Estate Kenya LTD, led by the Deputy General Manager, Mr. Frank Wang, who was more than happy to give the team a tour of their offices. Mr Wang shared the evolution of the Project from the start to completion. The team was pleased to learn the best practices adopted during development. The team shared with Mr Wang some of the trends in the commercial property market concerning significant projects across the region. Additionally, the team suggested that the management adopt a green approach to managing the properties and start steps towards EDGE certification.

 The GTC tour was finalized, and the team opened the door for further collaboration and partnership with Avic International in research on green buildings and sustainable property management.


Click here to view some pictures from the tour.