Contract Administration


It is one of the oldest professions in Kenya started at the Royal College of East Africa (now university of Nairobi) in 1956.

The first class in the degree programme of B.A. in Building Economics graduated in 1970 when the University of Nairobi was inaugurated.  The degree was changed to Bachelor of Quantity Surveying in 2005 in order to reflect the profession in the Building/Construction industry.  The degree programme provides students with sound theoretical knowledge and practical skills to enable them to think analytically and conceptually in finding solutions to problems in building and civil engineering construction.  The programme is developed  around a combination of subject groups such as and not limited to:

  1. Construction technology
  2. Construction economics
  3. Construction law
  4. Construction management

The programme prepares students to be professionals who actively interact with other profession such as architects and all categories of engineers among others in the construction industry.  Quantity surveying enables the developer to get value for his/her money.  The students specialise in the areas of building and engineering construction cost modelling, construction cost consultancy, quantity surveying, project management and dispute resolution among others.  Graduates are employed in:

  1. Government ministries,
  2. County governments
  3. Consulting quantity
  4. Surveying firms
  5. Construction companies
  6. Parastatals, finance
  7. Institutions insurance

Companies and other players in the construction industry as well as in self employment.   The degree of bachelor of Quantity surveying is market driven.  We are also the oldest and leading institution offering quantity surveying in Eastern African.